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Gv4l 2.2.4 Released

Released Gv4l 2.2.4 today. It is a bugfix release regarding support for newer versions of transcode, xawtv configuration file reading, Igain, and more. See the Changelog for complete details.

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2004-11-22

Gv4l 2.2.2 released

Gv4l 2.2.2 is here. There are new features, enhancements and bugfixes. See the Changelog (http://gv4l.sourceforge.net/changelog.html) for details.

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2004-01-02

Version 2.1.2

Another development release is here. It's time to finalize the 2.1.x series, so please test 2.1.2 as it might become the next stable release and we don't want serious bugs...

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2003-10-05

1.0.0 and 2.0.-8 released

New features, code improvements and more! Enjoy!

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2003-04-07

Version 2.0.-9 Released

This is the first Gtk+2 release based on the 0.1.1 code with minor improvements and changes.

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2002-11-01

Version 0.1.1 Released

Lots of improvements, see the ChangeLog for details

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2002-10-19

Version 0.1.0b Released

Added Reload Saved Settings function which reloads saved settings if such exist or loads the application defaults if there is no settings file. Resizing gv4l's main window is now symmetrical. Removed mpeg, mjpeg, xvid, xvidraw, divx4raw and null from the encode codec list. Any of those can still be used if the appropriate codecs and transcode exports are present. For more information about the xvid removal visit http://xvid.org/. The others result in a buggy output or transcode crash.

Posted by Todor T. Zviskov 2002-09-01

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