Greg Kovacs - 2008-11-16

My laptop has Intel GMA X3100 video hardware, running Vista 32-bit. Playing high resolution (DVD or HD) video in MPC exhibits a vertical sync (tearing) problem, both windowed or full screen.

Both VMR7 (renderless) and VMR9 (renderless) modes show the above problem, while System Default seems to be ok (too bad its not usable due to lack of support for subtitles and PS scaling).

The tearing problems are present regardless of how the "Lock back buffer..." option is set.
In addition, VMR9 (renderless) has a stuttering problem that makes it unusable for replay.

Windows Media Player is not exhibiting the vertical sync problem replaying the same videos with the same codecs used. The problems are not present on my ATi based computer either, only on Intel integrated graphics. I have all the latest drivers for both systems.