MPC: .ass subtitles position.

  • KillerBeer

    KillerBeer - 2006-11-17


    I've noticed that in Media Player Classic, the position of subtitles' lines is defined by size/proportion of the current MPC window and not of the actual picture. That is, if the movie is widescreen, for example, and the window has black bands on top/bottom (or plays in fullscreen), subtitles are played outside the picture. Which is a good thing. What is worse, MPC does the same to subtitles in .ass format, including those lines that *specifically* set their size and position on screen with {\pos}, {\move} or other such tags. While it doesn't hurt this type of subtitles too badly as long as you set the size of the window exactly as big as you want the movie to be (or, if you play it fullscreen, its resolution concords to proportions of your monitor), it gets really awry if a line has the {\org} tag that sets the "rotation center" of a title. With it, the line moves out of its place whenever you watch the movie not in original resolution, *even* if you set window proportions accordingly. So, if subtitles try to be smart and translate various banners, inscriptions, etc. the way they are supposed to be, watching the movie in any other size than original resolution turns them into a mess.

    I use MPC and VSFilter 2.37.

    • Gunta

      Gunta - 2006-11-27

      This is very annoying.

      It should do the same that DirectVobSub does, that is: let the user use: "Extend to 4:3", "Original size", "Extend to 16:9", etc.

    • Matt Kerr

      Matt Kerr - 2006-12-05

      There is nothing good about a messy ass.


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