Framebuffer/Boot Logo Bug

  • Arthur Nobody

    Arthur Nobody - 2008-10-04


    kernels with enabled FB/BootLogo doesnt use it, it looks like they could not switch to VesaFB ?
    (i used tiny.exe with Trinity Rescue Linux; no problem with grub4dos)


    • Etienne LORRAIN

      Etienne LORRAIN - 2008-10-05


      Kernels with enabled FB/Bootlogo need to be started in graphic mode, that is, if they are  started in text mode 3 (80x24, 16 colors), they do not display the boot logo.
      Tiny by default do not probe the video card to know which video mode are available, nor   switch to any graphic video modes.
      You have to give on the linux command line the vga= and vesa= parameters (on the DOS command line, after kernel and initrd) to tell which video mode you want, to display the boot logo.
      As an alternative, note also this extract from the FAQ:
      Since version 1.4, "tiny.exe /V" display a list of VESA2 video mode which can be set by "tiny.exe /V=800x600x16 linux.kgz ...", not as complete as the real VESA support of "boot.exe" (no check of EDID screen maximum definition, no support of VESA1 modes even temporarily while EMM386 is active).
      I would not advise the use of grub4dos because they have copied the real mode code of Linux inside grub4dos (to do few modifications) so if/when Linux developers change a parameter position or size in the parameter page interface (in between real mode and protected mode of Linux) grub4dos will use the old mapping.



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