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v 0.9.9

New GujChat release contains german and turkish language packs, a few corrected bugs and new html files which makes the chat reliable in more http/html clients.

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-10-30

GujChat v0.9.7

GujChat version 0.9.7 contains a major bug fix and few new implementations.

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-06-10

v 0.9.5

new banner system, lots of fixed bugs and new documentation

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-04-23

GujChat 0.9.4

GujChat version 0.9.4 has been released!
Support for Tomcat 4.1.x has been improved and its even easier to use!
The whole code uses now the DAO pattern to read/save data which will make things easier in order to add database support in a upcoming GujChat version.
GujChat is faster, better documented and getting ready for its official release.

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-04-08

Chat categories

GujChat releases its version 0.9.3 with huge improvements for installing and chat users.
Install packages were created for every platform asked and room categories were added to the system. Douzens of bugs were also corrected.

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-03-06

Language support in GujChat

Major changes: A complete new language system was implemented, which makes it easier to work with the system. Some cosmetic changes were made in the rooms and some management sessions. A new mapping has been created (/ chat/instance) in order to make it easier to create a chat link. The app path has been changed to use its own directories. Instance management is not saved automatically, and lots of bugs have been fixed. ... read more

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-02-04

GujChat on its way: 0.9.1 pack.

Major changes: almost every desired functionality for release 1.0 has been implemented and the entire model-view-controller system has been rebuilt from scratch using a more object oriented design.

An easier administration system is there to allow chat servers with different look and feel form each other in any way. Multi-language support has been fully tested and its installation process is as easy as always: a simple .war file.... read more

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2003-01-22

0.8 released

version 0.8 has been released.<br>news: manual,bugs corrected, exceptions changed, new api, javadocs and kick user

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-12-03

0.7 released

version 0.7 has been released, new faqs, new manuals and language support has been added

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-11-27

0.6 released and live

You can try the whole version 0.6 at
Download it in the file section

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-11-22

0.5 released

version 0.5 has been released and can be seen at:

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-11-21


gujChat is now in the cvs

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-11-12

0.3 beta is released

gujChat 0.3 beta has been released

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-11-12

beta 1.0.1 released

a camada 1 e 2 versao 1.0.1 beta sao lancadas!
os bugs encontrados ate agora foram corrigidos e voce pode testar a nova versao no ar em

Posted by Guilherme Silveira 2002-10-30

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