Daniel Thompson (Merlin) Rich Rath Gaius Baltar
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Guitarix is a versatile Linux Rock Guitar Amplifier for JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) with one input and variable outputs (Amp Output and Stereo FX Output).

Designed to get nice thrash/metal/rock/blues guitar sounds, Guitarix provides a virtual Guitar Amp composed of a pre-amp (where we control the gain, the drive and the output volume), and a rack where we can load a lot of different mono or stereo effects (dynamics, modulations, distortions, EQs...).

SVN Version October 2011

With this software, we have total control over multiple parameters: bass, middle, treble, gain (in/out), compressor, preamp, tube's, drive, overdrive, distortion, freeverb, impulse response, [Convolution], vibrato, chorus, delay, crybaby(wah), tonestack and echo.

Guitarix benefits from keyboard shortcuts for most of its operations and it comes with a Jack midi-in port to connect a midi controller and provide a midi learn function for every Gui controller. You can save your settings (and midi connections) in presets and load or switch between them easy with keyboard or Midi commands, and indeed over the menu. Guitarix comes with a jack port connection widget to easy maintain the connections in a modular workflow and guitarix includes an guitar tuner with a analogue like Interface.


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