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Title Last Update By Last Updated
Amp1 Daniel Thompson (Merlin) (merlinthegreen) 2010-08-29
Amp2 Daniel Thompson (Merlin) (merlinthegreen) 2010-08-28
Cabinet_Impulse_Response_convolution Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Command_line_options Jeremy Jongepier (autostatic) 2012-08-02
Convolution Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Convolver Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Convolver_filter Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Dynamic_effects Gaius Baltar (baltardesign) 2011-11-20
EQ_Units Gaius Baltar (baltardesign) 2011-11-20
Effects_loop Daniel Thompson (Merlin) (merlinthegreen) 2010-08-29
EnhancedUI Andreas Degert (adegert) 2012-03-09
Full-Features Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-03
Guitarix_Embedded_-ARM_SoC brummer (brummer10) 2014-09-04
Guitarix_Embedded_/_ARM_SoC Andreas Degert (adegert) 2013-06-04
Guitarix_MIDI_Control brummer (brummer10) 2014-08-31
Hints_and_suggestions Gaius Baltar (baltardesign) 2013-07-01
Home brummer (brummer10) 2014-06-25
How_to_get_a_tone_that_rocks Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
How_to_use_the_new_ladspa_plugins Andreas Degert (adegert) 2011-11-29
Install Andreas Degert (adegert) 2012-03-18
Introduction Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Jconv Rich Rath (rcrath) 2012-09-04
Main_Page brummer (brummer10) 2014-09-01
Modulation_Effects Gaius Baltar (baltardesign) 2011-11-11
Operating_the_control_widgets brummer (brummer10) 2014-08-31
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