#40 [libgpod] Sync # version in pkgconfig file with libgpod's



Currently the version of libgpod-sharp in the pkgconfig file "libgpod-sharp.pc" is set fixed to 0.1. This is causing compilation issues for other apps.

With this patch the version is synced with the version of libgpod itself. What I understand from knocte is that this was the plan.

Because libgpod-sharp has version 1.1.0 currently set in AssemblyInfo.cs I wonder if we should lower it though.
A different approach would be to introduce a second version for libgpod-sharp in "configure.ac", this could then be used as a replacement in "libgpod-sharp.pc.in" instead. In an ideal situation this should also include the auto-generation of the AssemblyInfo.cs file so you wouldn't have to change version numbers in two locations. I can't get this file to generate during the make process though.


  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-08-25
  • Prodoc

    Prodoc - 2011-10-24

    0002-Fix-libgpod-versioning.patch is an alternative to version.patch.

    version.patch sets the version of the mono binding to match the version of libgpod.
    0002-Fix-libgpod-versioning.patch introduces a new property in configure.ac to have different version numbers for the mono binding compared to libgpod.

    Having matching version numbers for both libgpod and the mono binding has too many drawbacks.

    Either libgpod#'s version number needs to be lowered compared to its current number or libgpod's number needs to be needlessly increased. Lowering the version of libgpod# might cause dependency issues in applications/distro's using it.
    The binding is not feature complete compared to libgpod. Having matching numbers might imply it is.
    Changes in just one would also mean a new release of the other.
    They are different products and should be treated as such.


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