#13 Aperture value not shown in EXIF info


I'm using gthumb 2.1.2 with ximian desktop2 (gnome 2.2).

Is the aperture value of the picture supposed to show
in the exif info view? I have tested that the value is
printed with 'exif' command (libexif 0.5.9), but it
does not show in the gthumb's view.

It would be nice, if all available exif data was shown
in there. And if possible, with some formatting (like
aperture f/2.8, like jhead does).


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This happens at least with images taken with Olympus C-4000.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    OK, I fixed it myself. Olympus C4000 didn't set the
    EXIF_TAG_APERTURE_VALUE in exif data. It did set only the

    I replaced that with EXIF_TAG_FNUMBER in the list of exif
    tags in dlg-image-prop.c and gthumb-window.c.

  • Soren Henriksen

    Soren Henriksen - 2004-03-26

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    I have this problem, and it seems related to the particular
    camera used and the EXIF tag. There are TWO relevant tags:
    FNumber (0x829d) and Aperture (0x9202) - which seem to be
    used for the same purpose. it seems that gthumb only looks
    for the latter.

    Sampling some files here,

    Canon A70 has both tags,
    Olympus C2100 has only the FNumber one.
    Panasonic F1 - both
    Fuji Finepix4900 - both
    Olympus S300 - FNumber only

    It looks like the FNumber is the most common tag, will all
    but Olympus from this sample also having the aperture tag
    (with exactly the same information in it)


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