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I was wondering, are there any planns to add suppert
for Subversion. I think a single interface to both CVS
and SVN would be a very usefull


  • t_magicthize

    t_magicthize - 2004-09-05

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    Its something I have considered. The main problem is that
    Gruntspud uses, and is **heavily** tied too, the Netbeans
    CVS library. Fairly major architectural changes would have
    to be made, but I think its possible.

    Netbeans also has the concept of different version control
    providers which it may be possible to use (although im not
    sure how tied that is to netbeans UI).

    The other problem is that last time I looked, there are no
    pure Java SVN client libraries about. Ill check again, but
    if none are available perhaps thats where work should start.

    In short, yes I would also like to see this and it would be
    an interesting project.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    First, thanks for your work. Gruntspud is a great aplication.
    In this "old post" you say that there isn't a good SVN
    libraries in Java, I'm not a Java programmer but... maybe
    with JavaSVN (http://tmate.org/svn/index.html) its posible
    add this feature to Gruntspud?

    Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, I have to improve it.


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