t_magicthize - 2004-09-05

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You could use the 'Remote changes' feature.

1) Select the required directory and run the log command
ensuring that 'Update status of files in explorer' is selected.

2) When the command is complete, go back to the explorer and
any files that require patching will have a blue circle icon
with an exclamation mark on it. The 'Remote status' field in
the file table will also be 'Needs patch'.

3) Change the filter to 'Remote changes' to see only these

4) Select the root file and enable flat mode to see all
files that need patching.

Note that there was a problem where the remote status of all
files was getting removed whenever any file was updated.
This has now been fixed for the soon to be release
0.4.7-beta, although remote status is not kept when you refresh.

Hope this helps,