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Same thing for me. Once I got it into this state, there's
NOTHING I can do except uninstall it. So it is uninstalled :)

What I mean by "nothing" means - I get this error no matter
how I try to interact with the plugin. Can't edit its
properties, can't add connections, etc.

One thing I can add as a bit of info... I installed the SSH2
plugin after setting up an ext connection (which I couldn't
get to work under ubuntu). The ext is the one I couldn't
get to work. Empty requester with a java stack dump in the
details that's of no use to me.

I tried installing my ~/.gruntpud dir and uninstalling the
gruntspud plugin in any combinations of order without success.

If I reinstall the gruntspud plugin, it gets into this state.

I even edited the properties file to remove the
conneciton.0.* lines.