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The Ground Report: Version 1.5 released

Maintenance release with bug fixes for faults kindly reported by users.

Posted by Calum 2011-01-16

The Ground Report: Version 1.4 released

New release is mainly a maintenance release with plenty of bug fixes and more error handling added.
Support has been added for Jython 2.5

New features include:
Upload your files from a specified directory rather than an explicit file list.
95th percentile markers on the percentile graphs

Posted by Calum 2010-03-17

The Ground Report: Version 1.3 released

New release contains:
28 new graph types, 19 new views (plus their associated materialised views), 6 new stored procedures, too many bug fixes and a partridge in a pear tree (though I feel I may have missed the Christmas deadline....)

Percentiles: Calculate the percentile range for elements & pages using new stored procedures for calculation & new graphs for presentation.
Concurrent Users Vs: Look at how metrics vary with increase/decrease in concurrent users with new views/materialised views for data & new graphs for presentation.... read more

Posted by Calum 2010-01-12

The Ground Report: Version 1.2 released

New release contains:

Fixed concurrent user calculation
SVG image format support for nicer looking scalable graphs
Heatmap graphs for a different way of visualising response time data
graphs implement in pure jfreechart (no more jyplot)
some graphs now plot concurrent user load along a 2nd y-axis
Updated documentation/website

numerous bug fixes and tweaks

Posted by Calum 2009-05-22

The Ground Report: Version 0.5 released

Bug fix release fixing broken windows implementation.

Posted by Calum 2009-03-18

The Ground Report: Version 1.1 released

bug fix release

fixed centralised config feature which had totally b0rked the windows implementation.

Posted by Calum 2009-03-13

The Ground Report: Version 1.0 released

Finally its here!..Support for The Grinder 3.1 data file format.

Other goodies include:

Major performance improvements on view SQL
New database interface
New file upload mechanism
A basic project website
Centralisation of configuration files
Everything implemented in Jython (ANT removed)

For more details see the changelog.

0.x versions will only receive bugs fixes, if needed, from now on.
1.x versions will be actively developed.

Posted by Calum 2009-03-12

The Ground Report: Version 0.4 released

This is the last feature release for Grinder 3.0 data files.

This release includes a new database interface and file upload mechanism. All configuration has been centralised.

Posted by Calum 2009-03-12

The Ground Report: Version 0.3 released

This release pretty much completes the feature list that will be created and maintained for The Grinder 3.0 data files.

New things include parallel materialised view refreshs, loadrun comparison report, more graphs, calculation of number of concurrent users, multiple concurrent data file uploads and more. See Changelog for complete list.

Code has been further tidied and (hopefully) improved. Documentation updated (apart from db schema).... read more

Posted by Calum 2008-11-11

The Ground Report: Version 0.2 released

Version 2 has been released.

This version is compliant with versions of the Grinder previous to 3.1.

This release includes new graphs and reports, more database tables and views etc. It also tidies up the code and should behave in a logical and consistent manner. Bugs have been fixed as and when found.

Changes in the data files for the Grinder 3.1 are not reflected in this release and will be dealt with in the next release.

Posted by Calum 2008-08-20

The Ground Report: Version 0.1 released

Well the title says it all really.


The Ground Report is a collection of reporting utilities specific to The Grinder test tool. The tools consist of a reporting database and graphing utilites based upon jyplot and jFreechart written in jython.

Posted by Calum 2008-06-26