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ctafconf 1.0.46

IF YOU UPDATE, PLEASE REMOVE ~/.config/ctafconf/perso/user-profile /!\

The current svn version has changed, support for startx/xsession has been dropped by default (you can enable it again with ct-profile).
The ctafconf auto update when you svn up or replace files with the one from a newer tarball.
lot's of bugs have been fixed..
new tools: replacer: recursive replace in files
emacs is really better, color has been added where possible (maybe in the previous release too I dont remember).. Read the changelog for more details.
a gtk gui, to setup and configure the ctafconf is on the road :-)

Posted by CTAF 2008-02-26

ctafconf version 1.0.42 is out!!

This version, may be the last one before a while, I consider it very stable and with sane default. I have worked hard toward this release to gain this mature and clean code.
Please report me any problems you could encounter.

This ctafconf work at epita, and have been tested to on cygwin and ubuntu, but should work on all posix plateform (*BSD, linux, ...)

Everybody is pleased to update and use this release instead of a previous one.... read more

Posted by CTAF 2007-04-05

ctafconf 1.0.42

you cant already get the latest with svn.
This version will be available asap, when I will have track all bugs.
- less, less, less bugs
- better configuration default
- more portable
- emacs conf cleanup, now it rox :-)
- colored make/svn/cvs
- many more stuff
- this conf is tested and work fairly well at epita

Posted by CTAF 2007-02-19

ctafconf version 0.3.1

New release, with lot's of emacs enhancement.
Some bugs fixes have been done. You will no more be "close compte" if you use it at epita.

Posted by CTAF 2006-05-21

Close compte epita

If you use version 0.3 at epita, you will be close compte. In fact, ct-date is launched with every shell. You should use the svn version or wait for the next version, which will contains lot of works on emacs.

Posted by CTAF 2006-05-12

ctafconf version 0.3.0

grk released ctafconf version 0.3.0.
It include a new graphical installer (using gtk qt or ncurse as interface)
The emacs configuration as been enhanced as whell (it support semantic, cedet, doxyemacs, ilisp, ecb and more).
The wallpaper can now change each time you launch a new session !!!

Posted by CTAF 2006-04-24