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Grisbi 0.8.0 is available

New version based on Gtk2

Posted by Pierre Biava 2011-02-21

Grisbi 0.5.8 is available

Grisbi 0.5.8 is now available on our download page. This version features bug fixes as well ad Chinese, Czech, Romanian and Russian translations.

The ability to export reports as CSV is also introduced.

Posted by Benjamin Drieu 2006-01-18

Version 0.5.7 is out !

This version features bug fixes.

Posted by Benjamin Drieu 2005-06-08

Grisbi 0.5.3 is out

- Bug fixes
- Budgetary lines are now enabled by default
- Default browser is now mozilla
- Ship with new libintl version

Posted by Benjamin Drieu 2004-12-02

Grisbi 0.5.1 is out

This release features mostly bug fixes. The ability to export accounting reports into HTML has been added.

Posted by Benjamin Drieu 2004-08-02

Grisbi version 0.4.5

Because bugs were insidiously inserted in previous version, a new version was needed.
Recover your favourite finance manager in a strongly version on the download page.

Coming soon for version 0.5.0 which could support OFX file format import.

Posted by NIEL Gérald 2004-04-08

Grisbi version 0.4.4

Grisbi version (0.4.4) is available ! This version features bug fixes and some smalls addons. A calendar can be opened on every date field and shortcuts are improved (see the README file in the tarball).
Transactions can be checked by clicking the P/R column when the <Ctrl> key is pressed.

Packages for your prefered distribution packages are available at the download page.
People who are waiting for the printing feature have to know that this one is already implemented in the CVS version and should appear in the 0.5.0 version, which should be released in two months.
Also in this version, tow very demanded features: transactions copy between accounts and incremental QIF import !
Many other features can be tested in the CVS version.

Posted by NIEL Gérald 2004-03-28