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GridFTP Client / News: Recent posts

GridFTP Client standalone version released

The GridFTP Client is a user-friendly GUI tool for managing long-running, high-volume data transfers between GridFTP and dCache servers.

Version 1.0.18 simplifies the installation process, reduces disk footprint and invites new users by making it possible to run the GridFTP Client as a normal standalone desktop application, with no need to first install the Eclipse platform separately.

Posted by Jan Ploski 2008-08-18

GridFTP Client release

Computing and data grids are becoming a common scientific tool. The GridFTP protocol is the low-level mechanism for performing transfers of large data amounts between grid sites.

Our newly released GridFTP Client software provides a convenient interactive graphical interface for the data transfer management, supports both Globus (computing clusters) and the dCache storage manager (tertiary storage), with fault tolerance features needed by long-running transfers.

Posted by Jan Ploski 2008-04-11