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Read Me

Read LICENSE.  It's a 3-clause BSD license, but you should read it

If you're upgrading, read RELNOTES.  There is also much documentation
at for your perusal.  Please read it; we took the
time to write it, you should take the time to read it.

If you have any trouble, feel free to swing by #supybot on or (we have a Supybot there relaying,
so either network works) and ask questions.  We'll be happy to help
wherever we can.  And by all means, if you find anything hard to
understand or think you know of a better way to do something,
*please* post it on so we can improve the bot!

The wizards (supybot-wizard, supybot-newplugin, and
supybot-adduser) are all installed to your Python directory's
\Scripts.  What that *probably* means is that you'll run them like
this: C:\Python2x\python C:\Python2x\Scripts\supybot-wizard

We likewise have tons of developer documentation at for your learning adventures.  Have fun :)