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gri 2.12.21 released

Fix github bug `' ... `convert grid to image directly' misplaced image "patches" by one patch width and one patch height

Posted by Dan Kelley 2010-06-08

gri 2.12.19 released

Mostyly, this fixes a licensing issue for Fedora

Posted by Dan Kelley 2009-07-18

gri 2.12.18 released

Changes: improved security, plus a fix in SVG line width.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2008-09-10

gri 2.12.17 released

<h4>Version 2.12.17 [2008 May 29 `<font color="#82140F"><code> England</code></font>']</h4>

<b>New Features</b>
<li> Add GNU readline support so that interactive mode will have history, command editing, etc.
<b>Bug Fixes</b>
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";atid=105511&amp;aid=1913577&amp;group_id=5511">#1913577</a>
... superscripts did not end correctly, if preceeded by an inline `<font color="#82140F"><code>{}</code></font>' block.
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1761562&amp;group_id=5511&amp;atid=105511">#1761562</a>
... y axis name printed upside down, for log axes in which user specified a high values at the bottom end of the axis

Posted by Dan Kelley 2008-05-29

gri 2.12.16 released

Release Name: 2.12.16

Version 2.12.16 [2007 Jul 20, the anniversary of the first
moon landing, in 1969

Bug Fixes

* Fix Debian bug 130802 ... postscript problem in
landscape mode, refreshed in gv viewer

* Fix Debian bug 434010 ... `set page landscape'
requires `set page size' first, but it should really
default to something reasonable instead.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2007-07-21

gri 2.12.15 released

<h4> Version 2.12.15 [2007 Apr 16 <a href=""> Mawlid</a>, ce
lebration of birthday of Muhammad]</h4>

<b>Bug Fixes</b>
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1700978&amp;group_id=5511&amp;ati
... html concept index mostly broken
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1698924&amp;group_id=5511&amp;ati
... box plots show missing data
Fix Debian bug #417217
... will not compile in GCC 4.3
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1698116&amp;group_id=5511&amp;ati
... poorly-positioned name of RHS y-axis

Posted by Dan Kelley 2007-04-16

firefox search plugin for gri

There is now a FireFox search plugin that is hooked up to the Gri manual stored on this website. It's easy to install it. Just visit using FireFox, and then use your mouse in the search box in the location bar of the browser, and click on the item marked "Gri" to install the plugin. After that, you'll be able to search the gri manual without having to visit the website first.... read more

Posted by Dan Kelley 2007-04-16

Gri 2.12.14 released

- Fix SourceForge bug 1630768 (segfault with clipped images)

Posted by Dan Kelley 2007-01-08

Gri 2.12.13 released

Version 2.12.13 [2006 Nov 06: Constitution Day (Tajikistan)]

- Fix SourceForge bug 1591475 (Fix to compile in Solaris CC)

- Fix SourceForge bug 1591062 (Fix to compile in OpenBSD)

Posted by Dan Kelley 2006-11-06

Gri 2.12.12 released

(This is only in tarball format so far.)

<h4> Version 2.12.12 [2006 July 16: <a href="">Yellow Pigs Day</a>]</h4>
<b>Bug Fixes</b>
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1523033&amp;group_id=5511&amp;atid=105511">#1523033</a>
... Malloc error (freeing something already freed?)
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1523032&amp;group_id=5511&amp;atid=105511">#1523032</a>
... `<font color="#82140F"><code>create columns from function</code></font>' bug, if there is an existing directory called `<font color="#82140F"><code>tmp</code></font>'.
Fix SourceForge bug
<a href=";aid=1491105&amp;group_id=5511&amp;atid=105511">#1491105</a>
... `<font color="#82140F"><code>set x axis labels</code></font>' had no affect for log axes (same for y)

Posted by Dan Kelley 2006-07-17

Gri 2.12.11 released

Fix SourceForge bug #1449546 ... x axis limits not correctly inferred from 'set x grid' (same for y)

Posted by Dan Kelley 2006-03-29

Gri 2.12.10 released

This fixes many bugs. It's been a long time since the last release, but we should be on track for my frequent releases now. Please note that I do not have access to a RedHat machine anymore, so I cannot build and supply RPM files. (The compilefarm won't let me in, so I can't do that.) If you need RPM, email me and I'll try to help. (I might ask for an account on your machine, though!)


Posted by Dan Kelley 2006-01-26

Gri mode for TextMate OS X editor

If you're an apple fan, you might like to check out this editor. It is very mac-ish. I've written a Gri syntax-colouring scheme for TextMate, and it is available at

Posted by Dan Kelley 2005-08-06

Gri 2.12.9 released

So far, only the source tarball is present. But this is known to build on both Mac OSX (under Fink) and Solaris. Later today, an RPM will be built and installed here. A debian build may require tweaking to work on the AMD64 system.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2005-01-06

Gri 2.12.9 pre-release #1

A pre-release tarball of gri 2.12.9 is available at

and I'd appreciate it if savvy users could try compiling this and testing it with real-world applications.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2004-12-19

Gri 2.12.8 released

See release notes. This is a bug-fix release, mainly, but it's also a stepping-stone to isolate the present version from one I'm developing for the Apple OSX platform. -- Dan.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2004-10-02

RSS feed link on webpages

There is now an RSS feed at the bottom of each of the gri webpages.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2004-09-26

gri is now on wikipedia

Posted by Dan Kelley 2004-08-15

website cleaned up a bit

I've cleaned up the website a bit, removing images since they were slow to load, etc.

Let me know if you prefer the old version; I could put it back if enough folks asked.


Posted by Dan Kelley 2004-03-11

gri-2.12.6 released

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-09-01

2.12.6 in CVS trials

Gri 2.12.6 is now in CVS trials. If you know how to use CVS, you might like to try it out. Note that the building procedure is now different. The steps are as follows:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

cvs -z3 co gri

make check

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-06-10

Gri-2.12.5 released

Mainly a bug-fix release.

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-05-20

Gri 2.12.5 pre-release

To get it, go to the Developer tab, and then click on the bottom-most menu item in the main text. Or go straight to

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-05-19

hexadecimal color names added

The CVS version now has hexadecimal color names, e.g.

set color ACD4EF
set font size 33
draw label "Robin-egg blue" at 3 3 cm

This feature will enter into the stable stream on the next release.

OK, I know it's against the rules to put new features into the stable stream, but what the heck, I want this sort of thing quite often in my own work, since I often decide upon colors by using the gnome terminal color tool, and it doesn't give color components in the 0 to 1 range that gri wants.... read more

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-04-12

Gri Version 2.12.4 released

Bug Fixes

* Fix SourceForge bug #696073
... did not handle `$()' syntax correctly.

* Fix SourceForge bug #715884
... mixup on protected-quotes within double-quoted strings

* Fix Debian bug #183912
... would not compile on m86k architecture.

* Fix SourceForge bug #711354
... `Creator:' comment in PostScript file named the command-file incorrectly, if there were options on the gri invocation command. Since this naming of the command-file was not especially useful, and since nobody has complained of this bug but the author, the feature has simply been deleted. Just complain if you want it back!... read more

Posted by Dan Kelley 2003-04-11

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