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New screenshots & Version 0.11 News

I noticed today that the screen shots where way out of date so I have uploaded new screen shots that show what the program looks like now.

I'm working on a version 0.11 now which will allow configuration options to be set, such as default search options. I'm undecided yet as to how many options will be configurable, so if you have any options that you would like to see added please let me know.

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-09-23

Comments / Requests?

I would like to hear what people think of this program, any problems they have with it, or any requests of features they would like to see. Please use the forums and let me know what you think.

On a side note Version 0.10 will be out soon - im just in the final stages of testing.

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-08-28

Version 0.8.1 beta

This update addresses issues launching the program. Had to correct some errors which I didnt notice until this morning.

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-04-08


I just realised I have not uploaded any kind of documentation for the program, I will also get this done soon!

For now, simply double click the jar file that you downloaded and it should launch ( if you have java installed ). Once launched you can browse and select the file you wish to search, and then enter your search string, and click search.

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-04-07

0.8 beta

Released a new beta version. More stable than previous versions, and runs from a .jar rather than .exe

I have also added a Task list and put in there my next tasks for the program. Main focus is still stability regarding the memory issues.

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-04-07

New Update

I have become aware of many problems with the current version of the GUI that can be downloaded. Its very unstable, and I feel that I should be doing something about it. I'm working on a new version, with the main focus being compatibility, to work with older versions of java, and also stability. There may be new/changed features, but there not the main focus at the moment.

So this project is not dead, even though it has not been updated for a long time!

Posted by rainingcurses 2008-03-26

Version 0.6 Beta

New version is uploaded, contains a few new features and some more efficent code. Check the change log for full changes.

Posted by rainingcurses 2006-12-15


Please if you download and use GrepGUI, can you post some feedback in the forums so I know how you get on. I havent managed to do much testing on different versions of java and windows, so it would be good to know how users are getting on and what they think.


Posted by rainingcurses 2006-12-14


I have been working on a 0.6 beta version, which will contain more of the usable functions from grep (excluding words and show matching number of lines) as well as the bug fixes from the 0.5 beta version.

Please can you post any features you wish to see added to future versions in the forums, so that I can get on and add them if possible.

The 0.6 beta should be ready tomorrow or Friday.

Posted by rainingcurses 2006-12-14

Version 0.5 Released

Uploaded the first version as a standard exe with no installer.

It requires grep and Java version 1.5.0_05. Check the release notes for more information.

Posted by rainingcurses 2006-12-13

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