Taking parent window screenshot (capture child window + parent window)

  • Chetan Sachdev

    Chetan Sachdev - 2013-02-26

    I am trying to take a screenshot of parent window + child window.
    Use case:
    1. Select a folder and go to properties window. with Alt + Prnt Scrn, take screenshot
    2. Now, open a Sharing popup window or Advanced option, which will be bigger then the parent window, now even if you press Shift + Prnt Scrn, it will cut the child window region. I would like to have both the screens height/width calculation and then get the screenshot, which contains both the windows.

    Is it possible using Greenshot or any other tool ??

  • Robin Krom

    Robin Krom - 2013-02-27

    As Alt+PrntScrn will capture the currently active window it will only capture the "child" window as you call it. There is currently no way of telling Greenshot it should capture both.

    Although there is a possibility to include Windows in your current capture, you will have a problem as the second window is greater than the first and it will not fit to your capture. (You could resize it though!)
    To use this you need to have the dynamic destination active (default in Greenshot 1.0.6). You can capture the first, and let Greenshot open it in the editor.
    Than you capture the second and select the editor, it should give you the already opened editor as a target, select this and it will add the second capture as an overlay on the first. You can now move and resize it...

    This probably doesn't solve your issue... that what you request is on my list of features for the future. I want to add the possibility to select multiple windows. This will be in the interactive capture mode, you can currently get there by using the region capture (PrntScrn) and press the space key. Here you can select the window you want to capture, and I want to add something that makes it possible to select multiple. (Hold Shift or something like that)

    I don't know all screenshot tools, and certainly not all their features. So I can't tell you which one can do this for you.

    Best wishes,

    • Chetan Sachdev

      Chetan Sachdev - 2013-02-28

      Thank you Robin, for your explanation. Your alternative solution is helpful. I liked that I can use the same instance of Image Editor and the next screenshot overlaps on the previous one. I have one question.

      Is it possible to scale the background, so that I don't have to scale my 2nd screenshot(child window, which is bigger) and I will get more space to annotate the images ?

      • Robin Krom

        Robin Krom - 2013-02-28

        Unfortunately not, but this is already on the "Feature requests" list. See: [#119]



        Feature Requests: #119

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