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GreenMail migrated to GitHub

We migrated to GitHub, where you will also find latest release 1.4.0.

Posted by Marcel (mayma) 2014-12-15

GreenMail v1.3 Released

This release contains minor changes to GreenMail core, most notable the introduction of slf4j for logging.

New in this release is a JBoss service for GreenMail.
The service runs GreenMail as a lightweight mail server sandbox, nicely suited for developers.

Check out the project page
for the latest documentation!

Note about the files:
- greenmail-1.3-bundle.jar : mvn upload bundle
- greenmail-1.3.jar : contains all greenmail core classes
- : contains sources, javadoc, required libs, docs
- : like above, but no sources
- greenmail-jboss-service-1.3.sar : deployable JBoss service archive... read more

Posted by Wael Chatila 2007-12-19

GreenMail v1.2 Released

This release includes
* New license! By popular demand (if one person count as popular) the old LGPL has been replaced with the Apache 2.0 license.
* Greenmail is now officially multithreaded with improved multithread tests.
* Opening ssl server sockets should now work on any non sun jdk's
* Changed name of "" to "" (changes are backwards compatible).
* Subversion url has changed to
* Fixed bug related to ports sometimes not being closed after an ended test case
* Improved documentation and examples.

Posted by Wael Chatila 2007-04-05

GreenMail v1.1 Released

This relase includes
* code to make GreenMail
* a pom.xml file
* a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks

Posted by Wael Chatila 2006-12-19

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