#7 Ctrl key pressed when switching to full-screen RDP session

grdc (6)

I have compiz enabled and have RDP session open in full-screen mode on one face of the cube. If I switch to RDP workspace using the shortcut keys (Ctlr + Shift + Left/Right Arrow), I don't have any issues. But if I use the Workspace Switcher applet to switch, using the mouse, it seems like there are some issue with keys and activating windows in RDP. Everything works OK if I min/max RDP session window or switch workspace using shortcut keys. It seems like remote desktop things the Ctrl key is pressed. If I press the control key, i.e. to release it, everything seems to work normal.

I am using Ubunty 9.04 64-bit and remote desktop into Windows XP.


  • ktp

    ktp - 2009-07-10

    Forgot to say I am using GRDC 0.6 debs from this site.

  • ktp

    ktp - 2009-07-14

    I think I know what is going on. I use ctrl+alt+arrow keys to switch out of full-screen rdesktop. The program still things ctrl+alt are pressed down still when I switch back to it using the mouse since no key up events sent. If I ctrl alt back in...release key events are send.

    If I use any other keys to switch out from rdesktop, i.e Alt+Tab or Windows+Tab, then these keys are pressed down.

    Maybe the keys should be released when the application loses focus.


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