does GM can open/edit/save to PSD file?

vu cuong
  • vu cuong

    vu cuong - 2008-11-02

    I'm very new to GM. Firstly I just need your advice as below:
    I tend to carry out a web-based project with PHP, I want to use PHP with conjunction with GM.
    So my questions are:
    - does GM can open/edit/save to PSD file keeping layers, not flatten?
    - suppose I have 3 JPEG files, does GM can output these 3 files to PSD file? each jpg file considered
      as  one layer.
    - suppose I have 1 GIF file with 4 frames inside it, does GM can output this GIF file to PSD file
      with each frame considered   as  one layer?
    - Suppose that I have a jpg or gif file with only text in it. Let's say: this text in "example"
      with effect something like bunring fire.
      And I have another black-color text read from excel file,
      let's say this text is "This text will have burning fire effect also".
      And I want to apply the burning fire effect of text in jpg file to the black-color text.
      Is this capable with GM?

    Please help me. I need your help.

    thanks and regards,

    • Bob Friesenhahn

      Bob Friesenhahn - 2008-11-02

      Welcome to GM.  Unfortunately you have run across an area of GM that needs work.  The PSD reader currently has some bugs which cause it to fail to open some/many PSD files written by Photoshop 7.0 and later.  ImageMagick's version has these bugs fixed but the reader is slow that only a very desperate person would try to use it with normal sized PSD files.  By this I mean that IM's PSD reader takes half an hour to load a PSD that GIMP can load in just a few seconds.

      GM's PSD reader does return the layers as a list of images which may be composited into the final rendering via -flatten.  The PSD writer is much more trivial and only knows how to save one image (i.e. one frame).  It only uses an extra layer if the image has an alpha channel.


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