#45 1.8.1 drawer hides all values


The drawers don't display any info (apparently scrolled below bottom) on my Mac using latest version 1.8.1 on Os X 10.8.5
No problem with older version GP 1.5.1

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    Anonymous - 2016-09-06

    I just now installed 1.7.0 from App Store onto the same Mac, and happily it does not hide the data in the drawer panel.

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2016-09-06

    Thanks for the report. This must be caused by the changes introduced in 1.8.0 to use Base Internationalization. As part of this, the layout of all controls is now calculated dynamically. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce this locally (as I only have OS X 10.11 available)

    Do you see the incorrect layout only in the drawer, or also in any other the other windows? Can you check the following windows?
    Preferences Window (GrandPerspective -> Preferences...)
    Uniform Type Ranking Window (GrandPerspective -> Uniform type ranking...)
    Filters Window (GrandPerspective -> Filters...)
    Filter Window (From Filters Window -> Select filter -> Edit)
    Filter Test Window (From Filter Window -> Select filter test -> Edit)
    Select Filter Dialog (File -> Filtered Scan -> Select Folder)

    If so, can you sent a screenshot of any of those windows with an incorrect layout?

  • Erwin Bonsma

    Erwin Bonsma - 2016-09-06
    • Group: 1.8.0 --> 1.8.1
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    Anonymous - 2016-09-07

    All 3 "tabs" of the drawer are abnormal on my Mac (OsX 10.8.5);
    the "edit filter" window also looks like all the content scrolled out of sight (attached).
    It's hard for to say what looks normal, until I compare each between two versions.

    • Erwin Bonsma

      Erwin Bonsma - 2016-09-14

      Thanks for providing the additional detail.

      Indeed, the layout of the "edit filter" window is also incorrect.

      I briefly tried to see if I could identify what could be causing the incorrect layout on OS X 10.8, but I have no clue yet as to what goes wrong and what can possibly be done to fix it. I will do some further hunting. If I come up with anything, I may ask for you to try out a patched version to see if that works. Otherwise, I may have to drop OS X support for the latest version... :-(



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