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VVCap is going out of business

Unfortunately, there has not been any financial support for the project. All attempts to generate any revenue failed. It is time to renew hosting, but no money left to do this. This project survived so far on developer's efforts and money, but enough is enough. The project will be closed by end of Feb.

Posted by Sam 2015-02-18


Unfortunately, VVCap tracker has been spammed yesterday. Effective immediately, I am closing trackers for anonymous posting, so all bugs and feature requests will have to be done by registered users only. Sorry!

Posted by Sam 2011-08-26

Version 1.7 is coming

new feature: allow editing image before it gets posted

Posted by Sam 2011-08-12

BitCoin donations

We now accept donations for vvcap project in BitCoins! Please send your contributions to 1K2WQjpZ9ScQEHHniyJ9dqkfcG2621LaBn

Posted by Sam 2011-03-01

1.6 beta out

download 1.6.130. Following changes are implemented:

+ x64 build available in a zip file
* fixed cursor hotspot
* restore icon on systray if explorer crashes

Posted by Sam 2010-12-18

ISP issues

GoDaddy was intermittently up and down today. It is sad, seems that it sucks at hosting :( . Brace yourself for possibility of another migration

Posted by Sam 2010-04-07

finally 1.5 is out

download release!

Posted by Sam 2010-04-03

vvcap 1.5 release candidate out

version is stable enough to be recommended for download

Posted by Sam 2010-03-28

VVCap 1.5 beta1 is out

new features:

* annotation of the web screenshot
* post to file feature

Posted by Sam 2010-03-18

Options dialog coming to vvcap

Posted by Sam 2010-03-14

Hi godaddy!

VVCap has been moved to a GoDaddy hosting now.

Posted by Sam 2010-03-14

Another host

Unfortunately, funnydawg is not quite making it for us. VVCap will get a migration to godaddy instead. Migration and switch will take place this weekend. Sorry for any interruptions that causes you guys.

Posted by Sam 2010-03-13

VVCap on a hosted server

VVCap is now running on a fast host, provided by http://funnydawg.com . All older images are accessible

Posted by Sam 2010-03-11

VVCap is moving to a new server

There was finally a few $$$ raised by advertisements on the web site, which now allows us to move VVCap to a dedicated web hosting with a high throughput. Hosting will be moved sometimes in March.

Posted by Sam 2010-03-08

VVCap 1.5 announced

VVCap 1.5 is under development. It will have following new features:

- annotating web postings
- post to file feature

Posted by Sam 2010-03-08

VVCap 1.3 has been released

Enjoy the new release of popular VVCap product, vvhere your screenshots, naturally, go straight to vveb ;).

New in this release is Russian and Spanish translations to the tool.

Another improvement present in the current version of VVCap is support of PNG pictures. Relatively big screenshots will still be saved in JPEG to save space, however not-too-gigantic ones will be kept in PNG format, which will hopefully be much nicer to eye.

Posted by Sam 2009-01-14

1.2 Release was hidden by mistake

Release version of VVCap 1.2 was mistakenly hidden from download. It is now un-hidden; however I would strongly advice to use 1.3 RC, it's going to be turned into a release in a few days with pretty much no changes at all

Posted by Sam 2009-01-08

VVCap in Spanish

Instant screen capture/upload tool VVCap (vvhere your screenshots go straight to vveb!) has been kindly translated by Eduardo Escarez. Spanish-speaking folks, enjoy por favor! Downloads available on sourceforge

Posted by Sam 2008-12-31

VVCap in Russian

VVCap, the screen capture/upload tool, has released a russian version! Localization in Spanish is coming soon. Visit http://www.vvcap.net to download

Posted by Sam 2008-12-21

VVCap Looking for translators

Next release of VVCap (vvhere your screenshots go straight to vveb!) will feature localization. There is a plan to release Spanish and Russian versions of the product. If anyone interested to help translate the messages to Spanish, please contact us at sam@galets.net

Posted by Sam 2008-12-20

VVCap 1.2 released

VVCap 1.2 is a Windows utility which allows you to instantly post screenshots to a URL. This tool is great for chat, email or instant messaging.

Posted by Sam 2008-12-11

1.2 RC released

VVCap 1.2 Release Candidate is now available for download. No major changes vs beta, minor tweaks, scheduled to become a release next weekend

Posted by Sam 2008-11-22

Work on 1.2 resumed

expect 1.2 release candidate 1 shortly

Posted by Sam 2008-11-12

1.1 Released

VVCap 1.1 was just built and uploaded

Posted by Sam 2008-08-30

1.1. Release Candidate 2 posted

Some minor bugs fixed. Unless major bugs will be found, the 1.1 release is due this weekend

Posted by Sam 2008-08-29

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