#10 no window redraw when changing images


I use gqview for windows. When you browse the images, the redraw of the image window is not done entirely, but just for the new image area.
Ugly !



  • Anders E. Andersen

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    This is highly annoying. The background of the picture area isn't cleared. In windowed mode, the last pictures kind of stick out under the picture you are currently viewing.
    In full screen, it is even worse. All the graphics from windows and windows taskbars are still visible. The image is just drawn on top of that.

    The black background option doesn't help.

    I am using Vista.

  • Martin Roth

    Martin Roth - 2007-06-01

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    I'm using Windows 2003 and gqview, and this problem also occurs to me. gqview was working fine and suddently I noticed this. Perhaps it had something to do with updating to a newer version of GTK+, which had to be done when I upgraded Gaim to become Pidgin.

  • Martin Roth

    Martin Roth - 2007-08-08

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    Okay, this bug disappeared after upgrading GTK+ to a newer version.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    This bug exists when using gtk+-2.10.11.
    This bug does not exist when using gtk+-2.10.13.

    Solution: use gtk+-2.10.13 or newer.


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