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You can insert waypoints 'on the fly' in the GUI using the button 'w', but modifing them means, you have to edit the MySQL database directly. For most of the 'normal' users, this is already too much to ask. Moreover, it would be easier to fix a waypoint's position via GUI, than manupulating coordinates in a database.

It would be also very usefull, if one could setup a default type of waypoint to insert by pressing one character.

An other usefull feature would be, letting the software pop-up a message, or say a message (if festival is available), by reaching a per-waypoint-type settable distance.

Have a nice day.


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-10-06

    you can also create waypoints at the current GPS or target position with ctrl-left|right click. See the help page from the help menu.

    FWIW, MySQL is replaced in 2.10pre5 with SQLite. It doesn't solve your wish, but there are a couple of nice SQLite DB editors around.

    SQLiteBrowser: http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net/
    SQLite Manager: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5817


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-10-06
    • summary: graphical waypoint edition --> graphical waypoint editor
  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2009-01-25


    just a work-around idea- perhaps there is a way to use QGIS to edit the waypoints? I don't know about MySQL but I know it handles PostGIS (spatial extension of PostgreSQL).


  • D.S.E

    D.S.E - 2009-01-25

    no mysql, gpsdrive is using only sqlite!

    the "POI Info" window added recently is currently read-only,
    but it will be used to edit waypoint properties in the future.

    a proximity warning will also be included then.


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