#7 --geometry command line control is broken

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Hamish B

The --geometry switch doesn't work properly.

$ gpsdrive -M pda --geometry=320x240 &
$ xwininfo | grep -A1 'Width:'
Width: 610
Height: 659

$ gpsdrive -M pda --geometry=800x600 &
$ xwininfo | grep -A1 'Width:'
Width: 1090
Height: 1019

$ gpsdrive -M car --geometry=800x600 &
$ xwininfo | grep -A1 'Width:'
Width: 1280
Height: 1024
(actual screen dimentions)

$ gpsdrive --geometry=640x480 &
$ xwininfo | grep -A1 'Width:'
Width: 1366
Height: 1071



  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-09-23

    Guenther wrote: (on the mailing list)
    > ok, this needs some explanation:
    > in car mode gpsdrive automatically maximizes its window, to make use
    > of all the space available. it is not using fullscreen mode, so
    > panels from the desktop-environment can still be used.
    > this works perfectly for my use case, but if needed, this can also
    > be separated.

    Yes with defaults it fits as fullscreen-but-windowed for me in car mode.

    But --geometry should override that default.

    > in all the other modes the minimum size of the window is limited to
    > the space all the widgets require. so if the values set for geometry
    > are smaller than the required space, then the window will be bigger
    > than set.

    That covers the --geometry=320x240 case, but why then are 800x600 and 640x480 both bigger than 1000x1000?


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-09-23

    > sorry, I can't reproduce this, here it works as expected:
    > 800x600 desktop --> 800x600
    > 800x600 pda --> 800x600
    > 640x480 desktop --> 674x579
    > 640x480 pda --> 640x480
    > the deviation in 640x480 pda mode comes from the needed space of
    > the widgets,

    ok, I'll have a look inside the debugger and see if I can figure out
    why it is going funny on my machine.

    > as already explained. this could be optimized a little bit if we allow
    > to set, which elements are drawn and which are not, but it
    > also depends on the settings of the current gtk theme...

    One thing I find is that the space around the dashboard numbers is a bit
    too large. Perhaps that just depends on the font size you use, my
    font_bigtext is 26 (Sans bold) and there is still about 1cm around all


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-12-07

    Hi, I just added a gtk_window_get_size() + printf() call to gui.c.

    starting gpsdrive with: gpsdrive --geometry=640x480
    gtk_window_get_size() debug msg (and xwininfo) returns:
    xsize=1499 ysize=1224 geometry=[640x480]

    I see in the help that the parsing should happen after gtk_widget_show_all(), but then in the code example it is not. ???


    something weird WRT the order of calls I guess..



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