#6 "n" to disable night mode doesn't work

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Hamish B

Pressing "n" while in night mode doesn't work.

the keyboard shortcut help says:
"n: Switch on light for 60 seconds in nightmode"

maybe it would be better to have the "n" key toggle nightmode on and off?

Also it would be nice to figure out how to change menu and dashboard backgrounds to red in night mode.



  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-09-21
    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-09-23

    [more in the second item ...]
    A second thing I'd like to try and fix with the nightmode is to make
    those boxes turn red too. To really use it at night the whole screen
    must be dark, not just most of it. PDA mode works well for that as it
    has no other boxes. But you don't get to see any GPS info. Maybe "heads-
    up display" overlay that text directly on the map in the same way as
    the 1x zoom, scalebar, and track filename for PDA mode?


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-10-27

    I have commented out the mention of "n" in the help section of splash.c, but the TODO remains...


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2008-10-27
    • labels: --> Interface
  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2009-06-22

    re change menu and dashboard backgrounds to red in night mode:


    GdkColor color;
    gdk_color_parse ("red", &color);
    gtk_widget_modify_bg (widget, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &color);

    reset to normal with gtk_widget_get_default_style() ?

    old?: http://www.mail-archive.com/gtk-perl-list@gnome.org/msg02463.html



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