#34 gpsdrive svn of 25 May 2009 crashed in startup - boost

Mapnik (7)

gpsdrive built from SVN on 25th May 2009 crashed with:

Can't connect to gps daemon on, disabling GPS support!
DB: Using waypoints from local user file.
Read 528 POI-Types from geoinfo.db
Generating Mapnik config-file (/home/kennedy/users/brwk/.gpsdrive/osm.xml) from config-template (/usr/local/share/gpsdrive/osm-template.xml)
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::filesystem::basic_filesystem_error<boost::filesystem::basic_path<std::string, boost::filesystem::path_traits> >'
what(): boost::filesystem::basic_directory_iterator constructor
/usr/libexec/GpsDrive: No such file or directory.

Platform is Fedora 10, x86_64.
This message only occured after resolving issue with the minimal openstreetmap icon set.

bugbuddy crash dump enclosed below.


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2009-05-26

    This doesn't help solve the bug, but FYI you can get past any Mapnik errors by editing the DefineOptions.cmake file in the main source code dir and setting e.g. MAPNIK and GDA3 to OFF.

    of course if you want OpenStreetMap support you'll want to keep working getting that to compile.

    some of the things on that list are still in development so should probably remain off unless you want to help work on them (e.g. routing).

    note to devs: before releasing we really need to spend some time modernizing the
    somewhat neglected DEVPACKAGES, README, and INSTALL files, and call for
    translations of the new man page and Documentation/READMEs.


  • Hamish B

    Hamish B - 2009-05-26
    • labels: --> Mapnik
    • milestone: --> gpsdrive-svn

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