#83 Single Sat not updating noname field


If when a module is started, none of the satellites are in the database, it puts noname in the name of the satellite field and blanks out the values. If however, there is a tle-update the values get filled in and but the noname is not updated. Also the selected satellited that was stored may not be applied.

To recreate, put the attached module in the correct place. start gpredict with --clean-tle flag. Start the module. No satellites should show. Then do a tle update from the network. Satellites should then show. However the noname is still in the single sat field.

A screenshot is also shown.

The patch should also handle the selected satellite correctly when it has been changed during runtime, ie the use has selected another satellite and when the selected satellite was not loaded the first time but others were and is available after the update.


  • Charles Suprin

    Charles Suprin - 2012-02-09

    Module that will trigger bug

  • Alexandru Csete

    Alexandru Csete - 2013-02-04
    • Milestone: GIT --> undecided

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