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GPAC 0.5.0

Release 0.5.0 of GPAC is finally out, with many new features and bug fixes, including:
- MPEG-DASH and HLS support (players and MP4Box)
- MPEG-U Widgets and UPnP support in the player
- Stereo and multiview display support
- Better AVC and SVC support including OpenSVC decoder integration
- More live tools: RTP, MPEG-TS, T-DMB support, scene encoders (BIFS and RME/DIMS)
- iOS and Android support
- and many other good things... read more

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2012-05-25

GPAC migrates from CVS to SVN!

The CVS repository has been disabled. Please checkout the new SVN repository with the following command-line:
svn co gpac

See for further information.

Posted by Romain Bouqueau 2010-07-08

GPAC: 0.4.5 is out !

Multimedia Framework for MPEG-4, VRML, X3D, SVG, LASeR ...

New version of GPAC is out with many improvements and fixes - try it out!

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2008-12-03

GPAC 0.4.4 is out

Long-awaited 0.4.4 is finally out, with a lot of new things:
- first GPAC version to run on Symbian S60 3rd Ed
- Massive memory optimizations for the 2D renderer and the SVG scene tree
- LASeR binary format has been stabilized
- and other goodies as described in the changelog

Enjoy it!

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2007-05-31

Web Site Update

GPAC web site has been updated:
- xhtml 1.0
- no more scripting
- more doc available
- demo page (under construction)

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2006-07-22

GPAC 0.4.2

GPAC 0.4.2 is finally out. Many new features and improvements since 0.4.2 (check the changelog). Enjoy it!

Important note: this release has been delayed in the hope of having a stable first version of MPEG-4 LASeR, however the v1 standard is still under editing, INCLUDING bitstream syntax. This means that LASeR support in GPAC is completely experimental, encoded scenes will be broken in next release.

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2006-07-22

GPAC 0.4.0 RC2

This is the final release for 0.4.0. It includes many compilation fixes from first release and, as an extra, a more-or-less stable X11 output for linux users, allowing to embed the video in Osmo4/wx and osmozilla.

Enjoy it as much as I'll enjoy my holidays!

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2005-08-03

GPAC 0.4.0

New version of GPAC is out. The most important thing about this release is that GPAC is now licensed under LGPL. This release is a major code rewrite of all GPAC APIs, without backward compatibility.
But also has some new feature:
* anamorphic video support (MP4Box and players)
* experimental X11 output (far from being stable)
* osmozilla plugin quite usable at this stage
* various
* and the usual amount of fixes and optimizations.... read more

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2005-07-28

GPAC 0.3.0

New version of GPAC is out, with some more features:
- Meta support for MP21 files and related
- spliting (size, time and chunk extraction) of MP4 files
- file concatenation (all files supported by importer)
- chapter (nero-like), media language and delay support
- better AVC/H264 muxing
- LATM AAC hinting

Client engine(s):
- fixed-point version of GPAC for embedded devices
- Osmo4 is back on PocketPC 2002
- misc fixes and optimizations.
- better AVC support through ffmpeg... read more

Posted by Jean Le Feuvre 2005-06-21