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Is there no more support for gentle 2.0

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is 2.0 going to be to release?

    Have the team decided to let gentle 2.0 go?

    I have not hear anything from the team or any updates?

    I know it is free, but if there is not going to be anymore support, at least let the general public know.


    • Morten Mertner

      Morten Mertner - 2007-11-16

      No, Yes, True, Agreed.

      Fact of the matter is that Gentle 2.0 development was primarily done by me, with very few people contributing to the code base (those who did, you know who you are - and thanks!).. As it turned out, doing all the things I had planned was an enourmous task and it took much longer than expected. Also, some of the code (primarily the SQL generating part) did not turn out nice and I had a nagging feeling that it would need another rewrite eventually.

      In the light of NHibernate having completely stolen all .NET ORM headlines, both Castle Project and NHibernate itself having added an attribute-based markup/mapping facility for it, and Microsoft finally committing itself to delivering a proper ORM solution, it didn't feel right to continue spending a ton of time on it.

      As a result, Gentle 2.0 development is stalled (and has been for over a year now). I think I might even have broken the current code, although it was in a working state a revision or two ago (can check up on that if desired). I'd be happy to see it finished but my current employment/financial situation does not allow me to do so for free.

      So, there you go. Next time you have a question like this for an open-source project, I can recommend It's a fantastic way to gauge the state and activity levels of an open-source project, and lets you quickly skip the dodgy ones.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks alot for the update.. Mertner...

      Sorry to hear about the development on I am sure was very solid open source code to solve the ORM issues.. *tho, I didnt really get to use it* i am curently trying to use it on a PDA project on Compact framework.

      As NHibernate does not work on compact framework 2.0, I guess I have to think of a way to do ORM mapping somehow. Or just wait for VS2008 to solve all the issues.

      I am honor to hear so much about your open source ORM, make it so well known... My hats to you... *salute*. Any company to have your skillset is very lucky...

      Thanks for the update


      • Morten Mertner

        Morten Mertner - 2007-11-19

        Your best bet with compact framework is probably to use LINQ.

        That said, I do have some old sources from users who've hacked Gentle to run on CF, but the changes were too drastic to enable a merge into the main trunk. If you want to play around with them, I can send you a copy.


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