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Posted by Craig Silverstein 2007-01-25

Version 0.5 released

Sat Oct 21 13:47:47 2006 Google Inc. <>

* sparsehash: version 0.5 release
* Support uint16_t (SunOS) in addition to u_int16_t (BSD) (csilvers)
* Get rid of UNDERSTANDS_ITERATOR_TAGS; everyone understands (csilvers)
* Test that empty-key and deleted-key differ (rbayardo)
* Fix example docs: strcmp needs to test for NULL (csilvers)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2006-10-22

Version 0.4 released

* Remove POD requirement for keys and values! (austern)
* Add tr1-compatible type-traits system to speed up POD ops. (austern)
* Fixed const-iterator bug where postfix ++ didn't compile. (csilvers)
* Fixed iterator comparison bugs where <= was incorrect. (csilvers)
* Clean up config.h to keep its #defines from conflicting. (csilvers)
* Big documentation sweep and cleanup. (csilvers)
* Update documentation to talk more about good hash fns. (csilvers)
* Fixes to compile on MSVC (working around some MSVC bugs). (rennie)
* Avoid resizing hashtable on operator[] lookups (austern)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2006-05-10

Version 0.3 released

Fixes compiler warnings, minor bug fixes, documentation fixes, support for std::insert_iterator

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-11-03

version 0.2 re-released

New tarball contains a corrected file.

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-06-15

Version 0.2 released

Preliminary support for msvc++; documentation fixes; other minor fixups

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-05-20

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