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Development of this project has moved to Perftools 0.8 will be the last version released on sourceforge; for subsequent versions, the latest news, and so forth, visit


Posted by Craig Silverstein 2007-01-16

perftools version 0.8 released

Wed Jun 14 15:11:14 2006 Google Inc. <>

* google-perftools: version 0.8 release
* Experimental support for remote profiling added to pprof (many)
* Fixed race condition in ProfileData::FlushTable (etune)
* Better support for weird /proc maps (maxim, mec)
* Fix heap-checker interaction with gdb (markus)
* Better 64-bit support in pprof (aruns)
* Reduce scavenging cost in tcmalloc by capping NumMoveSize (sanjay)
* Cast syscall(SYS_mmap); works on more 64-bit systems now (menage)
* Document the text output of pprof! (csilvers)
* Better compiler support for no-THREADS and for old compilers (csilvers)
* Make libunwind the default stack unwinder for x86-64 (aruns)
* Somehow the COPYING file got erased. Regenerate it (csilvers)

Posted by Craig Silverstein 2006-06-15

perftools version 0.7 released

Highlights of this release:
* Major rewrite of thread introspection for new kernels (markus)
* Major rewrite of heap-checker to use new thread tools (maxim)
* Add proper support for following data in thread registers (maxim)
* Syscall support for older kernels, including _syscall6 (markus)
* Support PIC mode (markus, mbland, iant)
* Better support for running in non-threaded contexts (csilvers)... read more

Posted by Jon Trowbridge 2006-04-21

perftools version 0.6 released

More sophisticated stacktrace usage, 64-bit profiles, various small bug fixes and improvements. See the changelog for full details:

Posted by Ed Falk 2006-01-31

perftools version 0.5 released

This release fixes some compile problems on certain 64-bit Linux distros

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-11-15

perftools version 0.4 released

This release improves performance, adds ARM support, includes many pprof improvements, several new features, and a few bugfixes. See Changelog for full details.

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-10-27

perftools 0.3 released

This release provides improved performance and improved unit tests

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-06-28

Welcome to google-perftools

This is the first release of google-perftools, a set of libraries that we have found invaluable in tweaking and debugging our own code. We hope you find them just as useful!

Posted by Jacob Hoffman-Andrews 2005-03-14

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