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AdWords Java Library Moving to Google Code Hosting

The AdWords Java library project is moving to Google Code hosting. Please see for future updates.


Posted by Justin 2008-03-31

adwords-api 0.10.1 released

The main change is the library will default to using v10 of the API instead of v9.

Posted by Justin 2007-05-11

adwords-api 0.10 released

Added support for v10 of the AdWords API.

Posted by Justin 2007-05-04

adwords-api 0.9 released

Version 0.9 of the library is available and brings compatibility with v9 of the Google AdWords service. In v9, the Creative is not available and has been replaced with the AdService. Note that some of the examples are not updated yet, because they depend on the Creative service. An update to these will come later.

Posted by Justin 2007-03-30

adwords-0.8.3 released

An error in the ApiExceptionFactory was removed in the form of an import from a previous version of the library. Also an error in the CriterionServiceDemo was fixed where a long was being passed for the maxCpc values instead of a Long.

Posted by Justin 2007-02-13

adwords-api 0.8.2 released

Version 0.8.2 of the library is out. This is another maintenance release. It removes support for v5 of the AdWords service, which is no longer support. It also includes an additional piece of sample code,

Posted by Justin 2007-02-05

adwords-api 0.8.1 released

AdWords 0.8.1 is out. This is a maintenance release from version 0.8. In this release we changed the default API version used by the library to 8, from 7. Changes were made to BaseCredentials since version 8 of the API adds the AdService. Also, a bug was correct in the InfoServiceDemo which would cause this demo to fail if it was run in January.

Posted by Justin 2007-01-26

adwords-api 0.8 released

Updated the library to support AdWords v8, which is only available for testing. The library still defaults to use v7, although this can be overridden in the adwords.properites file. Note that in v8, the class names have been rationalized so the AccountService is named AccountService instead of AccountServiceService. When you move to v8 you will need to update your code to use the new class names.

Posted by Justin 2006-12-21

adwords-api 0.7 released

- added support for AdWords API v7
- changed account service sample to use the new AccountInfo fields

Posted by Patrick Chanezon 2006-11-11

adwords-api 0.6 released

adds support for AdWords API v6

Posted by Patrick Chanezon 2006-09-29

adwords-api 0.5 released

It supports AdWords API v5, with updated samples, and support for multiple versions.

Posted by Patrick Chanezon 2006-08-31

adwords-api 0.4 released

No major code changes: many additional samples, and some new documentation, fixed the AdWordsService interface.

Posted by Patrick Chanezon 2006-07-11

adwords-api 0.3 released

With support for Adwords API v4.
available for download now. .zip file includes java source, examples, and .jar file.
Download it at

Posted by Patrick Chanezon 2006-05-24

adwords-api 0.1 released

available for download now. .zip file includes java source and .jar file.

Posted by Ed Falk 2005-06-21

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