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Joomla integration

I'm looking at the possibility of trying to get this to integrate with Joomla, ie to pick apart the code, something like what Tiger did to his swing =). I hope I'll be able to patch it up together, so Joomla experts will be a great help.

Posted by eediot 2007-05-23

Version 3 is up!!

Pls visit for initial testing.

New features are the point ranking system, cleaner management interface, breakdown of stat ranks on each stats under PLAYERS, fixing of a WHOLE BUNCH of bugs (thanks all who helped out), a much nicer manual for your reading pleasure, clean up of Tournament feature (although its still a pain), inclusion of double eagle and hole in one stats (not that I am even close to getting one in my lifetime) and migration techniques from version 2.0 to version 3.0.... read more

Posted by eediot 2007-03-23

Version 2.0.3 Available!!

New features mainly include

1) Individual ranking on each category in players page

2) Overall ranking of players based on a specified formula on each stats the player has.

3) Adding Double Eagles and Aces into ranking and stats calculation

4) Adding additional management feature to calculate player stats and overall rank points

5) Fixed bunker and sand saved bugs

6) Fixed header sent bugs in dbasecon and auth script... read more

Posted by eediot 2007-03-07

V2.0 available

Version 2 is available. Did a lot of changes and added functionality. Let me know bugs and new feature requests!

Posted by eediot 2004-12-30

Working on NEXT version


I'm back from travelling and currently hacking the next version, which includes:

1) Tournament Mode and tournament stats
2) Leaderboards and wins stats, top3, top5, top10s
3) Adding/Deleting players, courses, scorecards and recalculating stats
4) Management GUI for creation of tournaments and management of players, stats, courses

I think that will keep me busy. I had a request for optional holes played, i.e a round might not consist of 18 holes. This is a good idea, I probably will add an additional checkbox field that states if this hole should be taken into calculation. Of course I forsee some score discrepancy between a game of 18 holes and a game of say 15 holes. It would look like you scored lower! Will have to figure out. Any suggestions?

Posted by eediot 2004-10-19