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 reference 2016-06-06 John Malmberg John Malmberg [86e738] v2.25_reference
 vms_source 2016-09-22 John Malmberg John Malmberg [ec6776] Updated common vms_terminal_io.* and vms_vm_pipe.c
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Read Me

This is a repository for a package that is a component of the GNV project
for VMS.

Its purpose is to provide a record of the source used for the GNV packaged
version of the product.

The original unmodified source is located in the reference/ directory and
all VMS specific changes that have not been checked into the parent
repository are located in the vms_source directory.

A VMS concealed logical name of src_root: is for the reference directory and
a VMS concealed logical name of vms_root: is set ot the vms_source directory.

These are kept separate to make it easy to determine what VMS specific changes
where made and to allow retargeting the src_root: to a different version to
easily support maintaining multiple versions such as release, beta, and trunk
at the same time.

The user can then create a logical name of lcl_root: for the directory that
will contain the build products.  The lcl_root: directory tree is the only
directory tree that the build procedure should be modifying.

A logcal name search list of prj_root: is set to lcl_root:,vms_root:,src_root:
for building the package.

Mercurial was chosen for the repository as there are clients that can run on
VMS that is native to it.