#2 Bomb blowing up EMPTY_FIELDs


In Atari Robbo the bomb blows-up empty space but not in GNU Robbo. The simplest patch is to add the following piece of code into blow_bomb(int x,int y) in board.c

/\* Blow-up empty space \*/
if \(\!coords\_out\_of\_range\(coords\) && \!board\[coords.x\]\[coords.y\].blowed && board\[coords.x\]\[coords.y\].type == EMPTY\_FIELD\)\{board\[coords.x\]\[coords.y\].blowed = 1;\}

just after

/\* Robbo was near blowing up \*/
if\(\(robbo.x == coords.x\) && \(robbo.y == coords.y\)\) \{

It isn't very elegant, but it works. The problem is different treatment of EMPTY_FIELDs. It's simply zeroing instead of using create_object(x,y,EMPTY_FIELD);

Because blowing EMTY_FIELDs takes time bord.h needs a patch too:

#define DELAY_BOMB_TARGET (DELAY_BIGBOOM + 3) /* Was DELAY_BIGBOOM * 2 (6) use RobboIX-003 and Original-020 to test */


  • Jacek Stypula

    Jacek Stypula - 2009-03-09

    Patched files: board.c, board.h

  • Simcon

    Simcon - 2009-03-09

    Hi Jacek

    As you already know this is noted in Bugs.

    I think the exploding bomb needs to be reworked, including the animation.

    The best way to test the timing of the exploding bomb is to play RobboIX level 3. You should be able to just reach the scews before they blow-up :)

    This will be fixed for the next release and I will take note of your patch.

    Many thanks,

  • Simcon

    Simcon - 2009-03-18
    • status: open --> closed
  • Simcon

    Simcon - 2009-03-18

    Fixed in 0.62.

  • Thunor

    Thunor - 2010-08-23
    • status: closed --> closed-fixed

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