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Still here, but busy

Hi everyone. I'm still here, but real life has gotten in the way (as it so often does these days). I could really really use some help here!

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2003-05-27

GnuPOS 0.5 Now Available

The latest release of GnuPOS is now available for download from sourceforge. This version gets us another step toward a very versatile, configurable point-of-sale system for Linux.

This version ships with a simple calculator as a proof-of-concept file. Further customisation is possible and encouraged!

The next version (0.6) will contain additional demonstration scripts and the start of the server component. 0.6 is expected sometime around June or July.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2003-01-14

GnuPOS 0.5 expected Mid January, 2003

GnuPOS, a GPL'd Point-Of-Sale application for Linux, is approaching it final development for the long-awaited release of version 0.5. This version features a complete rework of the internal structure into a more expandable, flexible application ready to take on the world. Provided some help with Makefiles can be found, 0.5 is slated for release around the 20th of January.

This version will be a big step towards our goal of making a client-server application. The current application is only the client side of things - development of the server and the interface between them is expected in version 0.6. Further work is also required on the user interfaces, and on the production of the scheme-based "State Program Files" which form the guts of the interaction between the user and the system.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2002-12-23

CVS now compiles

I have now got CVS back to a compilable state. There are still many FIXME's in the code, so it isn't in a releasable state yet, but getting there.
I'd welcome any feedback - especially from people who don't mind fetching code from CVS and doing a read-through to detect stupidities on my part.
Go to the CVS link above and follow the instructions on that page to download CVS.


Posted by Conrad Canterford 2002-12-23

GUI split

I've split the gui components out of the gnupos tree into a module in their own right. Apart from moving the files, I have not made any changes to this code. It will not compile in its current form.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2002-12-14

Current CVS won't compile

I've started making changes to bring the code into line with my new proposed structure. This work is far from complete, and the code will NOT compile. I'll advise when it is compilable again.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2002-12-14

Possible restart on GnuPOS

After receiving some encouragement and generally becoming a little more enthused again, I'm going to start dabbling with GnuPOS again. New developers interested in making this project go ahead are asked to contact conrad_c.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2002-12-01

Work terminated

I am no longer working on this project. I suggest people look at mercator ( - its in java, which is a major negative, but it appears to work.

They also have the gnucash team behind them, which does give them an advantage.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-11-23

Work is progressing slowly

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I'm back working on gnupos (albeit rather slowly) after a rather fun month with my "real" work. Things will start moving again, but I could do with some help.... (hint)

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-09-11

0.5 delayed, but CVS now available

Due to a couple of resignations within the company, I have found it necessary to concentrate on paying work. This has delayed my work on integrating guile and other stuff for 0.5 See my comment under the tasks (engine tasks).
I have, however, now enabled the cvs repository for GnuPOS, and uploaded my current source.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-08-12

GnuPOS 0.5 intended features

GnuPOS 0.5 should include embedded guile, acceptance of constants in state programs, and better durability in the xml reader. Projected release date ~ 12th August 2001.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-07-27

GnuPOS 0.4 released

Released 0.4 today. Development continues well. New features include a few more commands, <library> tags, and some tidying up of the source code.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-07-27

We're here!

GnuPOS now has a sourceforge link (but you knew that already). I'll get the latest tarball up here just as soon as I work out how to do that.

Posted by Conrad Canterford 2001-07-16