gnuplot-4.2.1 released


Version 4.2.1 is an incremental bug-fix release for version 4.2.0.
A synopsis of the changes since 4.2.0 is given below and in the NEWS file.
Full information is given in the ChangeLog.

New features, changes and fixes since gnuplot version 4.2.0

* NEW allow extra column in 2D plots containing color information
* NEW set term latex {size XX,YY}
* FIX buffering of very long input lines
* FIX clipping of image data against plot boundary
* FIX polygon clipping bugs
* FIX key sample for plots with variable color
* FIX wxt initialization on non-gnu systems
* FIX escape sequence %% handling in sprintf() format strings
* FIX Apply "set style incr user" to 3D contours and to columnstacked histograms
* FIX Apply "set key {no}enhanced" to key titles read from a file
* FIX Allow string variable as filename for "fit via <filename>"
* CHANGE defer x11 initialization until first plot command
* CHANGE clean up configuration files for amg, cyg, mgw, dj2
* CHANGE modify SVG output to accommodate non-compliant viewers
* CHANGE allow 'strcol()' as shorthand for 'stringcolumn()'
* CHANGE default to "blacktext" for TeX-based PostScript variants

Demo plots illustrating these and other features are online at

You can download a source tarball for gnuplot version 4.2.1 from the
gnuplot development site on SourceForge.

Installation instructions are available in the source itself; the short
version for linux/unix-like systems is to unpack the tarball and then
build it:
cd gnuplot-4.2.1 ; ./configure ; make
test it:
make check
install it:
make install

Known issues
- Plot styles image and rgbimage are EXPERIMENTAL; their implementation
is incomplete and may change in future versions of gnuplot
- Internationalization and locale support is incomplete in this version.
If you encounter problems with character encodings, numerical formats,
or other locale issues, try the CVS version on SourceForge.

Please report all bugs and installation problems to the bug tracker
on SourceForge:

There is also an active gnuplot discussion forum on usenet group

Posted by Ethan Merritt 2007-08-26

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