Mac 10.9 compatibility

  • hamish

    hamish - 2014-04-07

    I was able to install and cmake GDL on MacOSX10.9 Mavericks with the following hacks:
    mkdir build
    cd build

    change all ->wid to ->width in

    prepend all " tolower(), toupper(), isalpha(), isspace() with ::
    comment out include of 'plplot_config.h' in /usr/local/include/plplot/plConfig.h


    make install

    and it mostly works - the non-graphical stuff appears to be ok - but the postscript output is not rendered properly, perhaps because I don't have pslib (which is not maintained any more AFAIK). Is there a plan to make gdl fully compatible with the latest Mac OSX?

  • Alain C.

    Alain C. - 2014-07-31

    Thank you ! for sure such detailed informations are very valuable for us.
    Does that means you compiled with Clang (gcc is an alias to Clang on the recent but not 10.9 OSX I have access on) ?

    A big activity on Graphics was done by Gilles since last months, it would be great you give a chance to the CVS version !

    If you are looking for computational perf' and optimal multicore usage, I strongly advice you to compile with Eigen3. It is so easy to add Eigen3: just ".h" files !



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