• FeLiNe

    FeLiNe - 2006-09-01

    I can get everything (in 09pre2) compiled under cygwin, but the link-stage fails on -ldpstk. Which does not seem to exist in cygwin any more (I can still see it in the older versions of xfree-x86, but the current version have a directory /xc/dpstk/ but there doesn't seem to be any shared binary like there was before (libdpstk.dll.a can still be found in the archives).

    So under a current cygwin, this is a no-go.

    I am only faintly aware what dpstk really is (something about display-postscript) so I'm wondering where the dependency on it comes from and what one might do to replace it with whatever the newest versions of xfree are using.

    Ideas anybody?

    • Sven Geier

      Sven Geier - 2006-09-13

      For what it's worth, I made notes of two days of trying to get GDL to run under linux. They're here:

      Summary: things don't work.

      I'll keep the community posted if I get any farther than what is posted there, but I'd certainly appreciate it if someone could look this over who actually has a clue of programming with the GNU build chain (of which I'm at best an ambitious layman)...

      • Sven Geier

        Sven Geier - 2006-09-13

        Sorry -- that was supposed to read "trying to get GDL to run under cygwin", not "...under linux". It works fine under linux, obviously - otherwise I wouldn't have tried to install it under cygwin in the first place...


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