How to setup multiple accounts?

  • Christoffer Larsson

    I was very happy to read that you got multiple account-support in your latest release, 1.0.9. Upgraded with a thrill. Sadly, my preferences was lost, and I had to reconfigure it again. Anyhoo, I was pretty puzzled to see the preferences-GUI. I can't seem to find away to add another account.
    Help would be very pleasing. :-)

    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-02-17

      Using GNOME, you only have to launch a second gnubiff applet (preferences for each of the applet will be saved through gconf2). Next time you log in, gnome panel will remember your preferences concerning each of your gnubiff applets.

    • Mats Uddenfeldt

      Mats Uddenfeldt - 2004-04-28

      I am not using gnome atm and was wondering if there was a way to (in .gnubiffrc) to add multiple accounts to the same 'biff' icon.

      I have a few IMAP accounts I wish to check, and having several icons takes up too much screenspace (and is sort of beside the point of a mailchecker imho). I would want to have the one graphical icon summarize all accounts in regards to new messages and mail headers. The popup could simply have a new column with account name.

      Is this possible in the current build? If not, does it sound interesting enough to implement?

      Congrats on making the best mail notifier I've seen in quite a while. I currently use Gkrellm's build in mail checker, but have gotten tired of it not displaying mail headers.



    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-04-29

      I perfectly understand  your point but the problem is that I do not know how it can be done visually...

      I agree that a real multi-account support is necessary and should not be too difficult to implement. The only problem, as I said is how to present multiple accounts in this tiny window, if your or someone have an idea...

      • Mats Uddenfeldt

        Mats Uddenfeldt - 2004-04-29

        Well, in my opinion you could the visuals exactly as it is. I would simply set the 'title' of the icon window to "mail" or nothing at all.

        Gkrellm's mail checker is an animated icon with the number of unread messages (with the option of showing total amount of msgs in the inbox as well). So if you have a total of 6 unread messages, that would be the number shown.

        A mouseover causes a popup with one row per e-mail account and the number of unread messages for that account. Like this:          2          4

        Adding that functionality and adding an account column to your header popup would be perfect for me.

        Another totally unrelated question: I suppose you already have a button for launching the configured mail-reader, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Left-clicking does nothing, shift-left forces a check (?) and right takes you to the configuration.

        How about adding a 'mute' option (shift-right) which disables mail-checking?



    • Nicolas Rougier

      Nicolas Rougier - 2004-04-29

      Using tooltips for displaying mail details is a good idea... I will try to do that.

      Concerning the start of the mail app, it is with middle button for GTK version and with the popup menu for GNOME version. In incoming version, it will be with a right double click (already implemented).

      The "mute" option is here in  the preferences panel. This is the "Running button".

      Anyway, it somehow shows that gnubiff lacks a real documentation on the different available shortcuts...


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