#51 Patch: Popup window auto-sizing fails, and geometry flicker


When gnubiff is first started, then the very first mail check produces a popup, the popup size is correct to display the number of new messages (up to the max).

For example if there is only 1 new message, the popup is displayed with vertical size enough to fit one message.

That popup window size becomes "stuck", and if there are any new mails, the popup window would still be popping up displaying only 1 row.. Manually resizing the window reveals more rows.

I would rather have the popup window automatically sized every time to display all the new messages.

The attached patch fixes the above problem, and will make popup window size always auto-size itself to the number of new messages.

Second bug is that when "[x] Use geometry" option is enabled, and when using -0+0 value to put window into top right corner, the popup window briefly flickers in the left top corner of the screen and then, and then move to the correct place... I had put the geometry parsing before the window show, and it seemed to have fixed this problem.

The patch is against version 2.3.13 as distributed by OpenSuSE 11.4


  • MaxM

    MaxM - 2012-01-21


  • MaxM

    MaxM - 2012-01-23
    • summary: Popup window auto-sizing fails, and geometry flicker --> Patch: Popup window auto-sizing fails, and geometry flicker
  • dmck

    dmck - 2017-05-04

    Excellent work, MaxM. I have applied a slightly modified version of this for gnubiff 2.2.17.
    The mail popup now does seem to come up with my new emails instead of being empty or not showing up at all. I'm running on Ubuntu 16.04 with libpanel-applet0 version 1:3.18.3-0ubuntu0.1


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