#37 Option to enable the preprocessor output

Next Release

I would like to request the option to enable the preprocessor output.

More precisely, in the Project=>Properties=>C/C++ Build=>Settings, in tab Tool Settings=>Cross ARM C Compiler=>Miscellaneous should be a checkbox called "Save temps" or "Prepocessor output" for which, once selected, it will enable the GCC switch "--save-temps" automatically.

Thank you.


  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    • status: open --> open-accepted
    • assigned_to: Liviu Ionescu (ilg)
  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    I'll investigate this option and let you know the result

  • XFCE Evangelist

    XFCE Evangelist - 2014-02-20

    Very kind of you. I often use that GCC switch because I use lot of macros and often I need to check the real effective preprocessor substitution.

  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    yes, this seems a good reason to add it. I need to perform some tests and probably add it to the next version

  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    I did some tests and this option should be used with caution, since it leaves all files in the Debug or Release folder, regardless how deep the file is in the source hierarchy.

    personally I would use it only on a single file, or maximum on a folder, but not on the entire project.

    the effort to implement it is moderate, the option should be added to all tools (assembly, c, c++)

    I'll further think of it...

  • XFCE Evangelist

    XFCE Evangelist - 2014-02-21

    thank you for your efforts.

  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    added, will be available in the next release

  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    • status: open-accepted --> closed-fixed
  • Liviu Ionescu (ilg)

    fixed in 2.2.1-201404120702


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