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GNS v0.2 (beta) released

GNS 0.2 beta is now available for download! Changes include:

- Added support for basic product updates
- Added support for error reporting features
- Fixed Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 compatibility issues
- Comprehensive documentation revision

Posted by Chris Haag 2005-10-26

GNS game portal server/client v0.1 (beta) re-released

The Game Name Search game portal/server client package has been updated with two critical changes:

- New release documentation has been added to explain building and usage
- Fixed incorrect gns.conf files

Posted by Chris Haag 2005-08-18

GNS game portal server/client v0.1 (beta) released

GNS, or Game Name Search, is a game portal server/client package. Game developers may integrate the GNS client into their video games, and host an online GNS server to allow clients to find each other over the Internet. GNS servers also provide chat room functionality and content hosting.

This release includes both the server and client implementations. The GNS library currently provides the following functionality to clients: ... read more

Posted by Chris Haag 2005-08-12