#15 cannot compile on mac os x


gnofract4d 3.1.3 does not compile on mac os x for the reasons explained in this bug report which is marked as fixed:


3.1.2 does not have this problem.


  • Rachel Mant

    Rachel Mant - 2011-01-23

    the working copy in Git has a similar patch applied for this release series, but a better one has been applied to the new 4 series (I don't know that you can get to that at the moment, though..), so the bug is fixed but I don't think catenary has made a new release of 3.1.3 with it applied.. it was one of the only changes between the two versions so either A) stick with 3.1.2 - you're not missing any features that way - or B) go to the still-alpha 4 series.

  • Rachel Mant

    Rachel Mant - 2011-05-18

    Hi Ryan,

    I have now made a new release - 3.14 - which fixes this, although I am not sure if that will actually run on Mac. Either way, I suggest you use the 4.x branch which has all the problems with win32 vs mac (darwin) fixed can should not be considerable as alpha for Mac and Linux. It's just Windows for which 4.x is still unstable.


  • Rachel Mant

    Rachel Mant - 2011-05-18
    • status: open --> open-fixed

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