some file can't be found when starting gnochm

  • xuhainanjing

    xuhainanjing - 2006-10-05

    hi, guys:

    I met a problem after I struggled to install a bunch of required componets for installing gnochm, But when I started gnochm, it responsed with:

    You do not have all of the required Python modules to run gnochm.
    Check the gnochm README file for tips on how to fix this.
    What follows is the error description highlighting the problematic module. can't open shared object file: no such file or directoty.

    my system is linux 2.6.20-8(redhat linux 9) there is in /usr/local/lib directory, furthermore I have this in my .bash_profile:
    export PYTHONPATH='/usr/local/lib':$PYTHONPATH

    I don't know what's going on? some one HELP!!!

    • xuhainanjing

      xuhainanjing - 2006-10-05

      sorry, I have made a mistake:
      my system is linux 2.4.20-8 (redhat linux 9)

    • Rubens Ramos

      Rubens Ramos - 2006-10-05

      Hi, it looks like what you are missing in your .bash_profile is this:

      export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH


    • xuhainanjing

      xuhainanjing - 2006-10-06

      hi, Rubens:
      thank you very much for your quick response and help, it did work as you taught.
      now I get into another trouble by crashing, the application always crashed with fatal error (segmentation fault)when I followed links in chm file. I notice you have post some info about crash early time, so I will check it with the solution you said, my system is quite old and I am lazy to update it, by now it is quite good for me, hope the bug fix works, thank you again ;--)


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