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assistance audio voice for focus 10 project

  • G33Banger

    G33Banger - 2012-01-13

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for either an already created audio file or to create one which would be perfect for the background for a guided focus 10 preset (gateway experience for more information) I am working on (which I will provide upon completion).

    Basically the audio needs to be akin to that you'd associate with an endless abyss or dark void - a constant and relatively even windy sound (not overbearing) is the best I can do to describe what i'm looking for.

    I am happy to learn how to create this myself however I would need some basic initial direction as to what software to use and which part of it to look at.

    Any help would be great,


  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2012-01-13

    Basically, it sounds like you want a background sound, maybe slightly evocative of a void or abyss… Gnaural should be perfect for this, using some mixture of wind or water sounds.

    For an existing preset that might work for a background as-is, try this:

    For a simple preset you can use as a starting point to design your own, this might be good:
    and turn off (check the Mute box) of everything except the Rain voice.

    Similarly, this one:

    Just mute the Binaural Beat voice.

    Lastly, this one might also work as a starting point:

    Main point in this last one is that you could replace the birds audio track with the spoken guided focus part you want to feature.

    Once you've chosen or created the track one you want to use, export the entire thing mixed to a sound file using the menu entry File->Export audio to file. Have fun!

  • G33Banger

    G33Banger - 2012-01-13

    Thanks gnaural, i'll check out those files you suggest. Great product mate.


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